Santa’s Proposal

She just had to make it through Christmas, right? Right?!

After causing a stupid accident Ana had to help the victim over Christmas. Which would have been okay. If she didn’t have a child to care for. A job she relied on. And pining for the man didn’t help much, either.

Only a few more days until Christmas and she’d be free to leave. Right?

Police Officer Bill temporarily was an invalid. And he didn’t like it one bit.

To make things worse, he was being stuck with daily visits from Ana. He couldn’t possibly flirt with her out of the wheelchair, and yet – restraining himself got harder every day.

Only a few more days and she’d leave. That was good, right? Right?!

Santa’s Proposal is the complimentary book that rounds up Ella Braeme’s Married in Windfall series. So if you like small-town romances filled with a hurt, yet sexy police officer, a cute second grader, and a heroine fighting to not fall into love – you’re in for a treat.