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Missing, No Trace Left by Victoria Michaels

I remember it like yesterday…

Kennedy had hung with this group of friends since kindergarten; they were her crew – her real family – the people she could trust for reals. If you could actually trust anyone in Queens, New York, that is.

But their world is shattered one day, when one of their own goes missing without a trace.

And then just when you thought you knew someone…

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Nanny in Lumberjack Lagoon by Elsie James

Lumberjack single dad and curvy nanny instalove summer romance

As a teacher, I’m always looking for adventure during breaks in the school year. Two months spent lounging in Lumberjack Lagoon fits the bill, but with my funds running low I’ll need to find a summer job to make it happen. When a hot lumberjack hires me to nanny for his two boys, my lesson plans go out the window. Kaden is sexy, burly, and I want to swing his axe. But does he want me for more than just babysitting?

Balancing my life as a lumberjack and a single dad is a full-time gig, and it’s hectic. But when summer comes and the kids are out of school, I have to hire help. When a sexy nanny applies for the position, I need to give myself a time-out. Poppy is curvy, caring, and makes me want to put the kids to bed early. But can I convince her that we could be forever?

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Rough and Rugged

Come along with us as we venture into the mountains and forests with this collection of rough and rugged men.

Best-selling and award-winning attending authors of the August 17, 2024 Meet Me In Milwaukee signing have joined forces to bring you stories in a collection of mountain men and lumberjacks.

This charity anthology is donating all proceeds to a local autism organization. The cause is close to the hearts of participating authors and the event host. From sweet to sexy, there will be something for all readers.

This charity anthology includes the following 2024 Meet Me In Milwaukee attending authors:
Jessa Aarons – Vonne B – Tamrin Banks – CJ Barlowe – Kris Butler – Cecelia Conway – Kristyn DeMaster – L.B. Dunbar – Dee Ellis – Victoria Hinshaw – Kelly Kay – Euryia Larsen – Carla Luna – Meagan C. Matthew – Gwyn McNamee – CA Miconi – Magnolia Montgomery – Taylor Schafer – Shelly Small – D Williams

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Small Town Strings by N.A. Jameson

After her brother’s three best friends broke her heart, Willow Page Baxter left home in search of stardom. She quickly became a country superstar but finds her life lacking. Ten years later, she isn’t happy and is tired of her every move being controlled. Deciding to retire, Willow returns home for good with a plan for her future on her terms. Only one little problem, she has a stalker, and he’s followed her home.

Fisk, Milo, and Carter have loved Willow for as long as they can remember. The fact that she was their best friend’s little sister wasn’t an issue. They knew Willow was special and destined for greatness. They couldn’t stand in the way of that, so they told her that they didn’t want her. Ten years later, she’s home, and they’re claiming what’s theirs once and for all. Unfortunately, the stalker has already laid his own claim on her. Can they find him before he takes what’s theirs, or will they live to regret ever letting her go in the first place?

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The Soldier Gets His Girl

When a soldier is injured and moves home, a sexy nurse distracts him in the best way possible.

Single mom Cindy doesn’t have time for a relationship. Between soccer practice, school events, and work, she’s holding on by a thread. All she wants is to spend more time with her kids before they grow up. 

Andy didn’t expect a forced medical retirement from the Army to send him back to his little Texas hometown. When he lands back in the hospital, he finds one hot mama making the rounds. 

Cindy doesn’t need the added work of a relationship, and Andy comes with his own set of family problems. Can they work through the obstacles together or will it tear them apart? 

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