Anyone At Hand

She needed a husband to get rid of her boyfriend. The grump obliged.

Sometimes the only way to end a relationship is to jump right into a new one. But when Shanae married Bo for just that reason, she found herself trapped with the town grump. Will she ever get on his good side?
This novella is a warning to all those who like small towns for a romantic weekend trip only. Don’t marry the local guy. The one who makes you want to stay.

Anyone At Hand is the second book in Ella Braeme’s Married in Windfall series. It has all the charms of a small-town romance, with a marriage of convenience and a delicious grump. If you like the small-town vibe with a little heat, then you’ll love Anyone At Hand.
To find out whether Shanae and Bo will end up happily married after, get your copy today.

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