Beneath Soot Skies by Amber Night

She hates him. He despises her. Can passion burn their expectations into ashes?

When my newsletter wasn’t even a newsletter yet, but just some project I was fiddling with to procrastinate, I suddenly had a subscriber. So there I sat, flabbergassted and tried to think where she might have come from. She had somehow found my website—of an author not yet published for a year!—and clicked that button. I immediately sent her an email apologizing for not having any emails to send.

And that’s how I met Amber Night.

Her stories are very different from mine, but if you like a little variety, you just might be in for a very special treat. Historical romance ✔ Interracial romance ✔ Spice ✔


She hates him. He despises her. Can passion burn their expectations into ashes?

London, 1870.

Lady Lily Featherstone of Lichfield has everything. The daughter of a duke, she knows this season will bring her all that she deserves. Attention. Suitors. And the proposal she’s been yearning for forever, from the most eligible of bachelors.

Until her father marries her off to the unlikeliest of matches instead: Tayo Bankole. A self-made man. To him, Lily is nothing but a business arrangement. A foot in the door. A vain and disrespectful thorn in his side. There only out of sheer necessity.

Suddenly shunned by society, Lily finds herself trapped in their townhouse by the rumours which enfold them, gluing them together. Trapped with a man who’s everything she never wanted.

And all she ever longed for was to marry out of love.

Beneath Soot Skies is a spicy historical romance.

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