My way of handling ARC promos on Bookfunnel

I’ve been running a couple of ARC group promos on Bookfunnel. It does get some traction as the ARC offer gets in front of more eyes. How effective it is I don’t know as I haven’t worked out yet how to keep records of who posted a review.

I use Mailerlite classic and a paid plan with Bookfunnel that allows integrations.

First, I set up an automation in Mailerlite that is triggered when someone enters a group “signed-up via arc anyone.”

All my groups that get people onto my list start with “signed-up via” as I can tell where they’re from. The book in this example is Anyone at Hand.

The email in this automation will provide the download link for the book and ask whether the ARC reader also would like to get onto my email list. Most don’t.

On Bookfunnel, I create a landing page and in that Integration list menu I pick the group that triggers the automation.

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