Sinful Beats by Arell Rivers

The line between secrets and sins can be razor thin…


I want to make movies that document drama. But in my personal life? I have zero tolerance for it. 

So, I intend to keep my gnarly family history to myself. Forever.   

Besides, my dream job—making a rockumentary about Untamed Coaster—just fell into my lap and nothing is going to distract me. 

Not even my alarmingly sexy Scottish neighbor… 


Gold diggers are everywhere. I learned this lesson the hard way and now keep my family’s fortunes hidden. 

So, love and romance aren’t for me. Not anymore. 

My brand and upcoming launch party are what matter now. I can’t let anything ruin them. 

Not even my very inconvenient (and damn near overwhelming) attraction to the girl next door. 

As our relationship intensifies and the launch approaches, I have to divulge my truths. But it’s never the right time. When the beats leading up to discovery run out, our pasts collide in a shocking way. 

You can find Arell on Instagram @authorarell

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