Mama Kits for refugee mamas

Giving birth is one of the scariest things one could do. Not only because of the things that might happen* but also because all of a sudden there is that tiny human being ultimately relying on you. Whether by love or obligation, it is the parents’ responsibility to take care of their child.

Image birthing in the midst of an armed conflict (there are so many to choose from…), on the run from those who would not hesitate to harm civilians. Or rather – do not imagine it as it would make your day crappy. Instead, make a donation. I suppose there are many worthy organizations out there. I just sent a mama kit through the UNFPA.

I don’t have a book to tie in to this topic. I write nice little romances, after all. But we cannot close our eyes to those in need. Not if we want to remain the person we think we are.

7 thoughts on “Mama Kits for refugee mamas”

  1. Oh, Ella! What a brilliant cause. I didn’t know anything about “Mama Kits”, but I do shudder when I hear about pregnant women risking their lives in rickety boats in order to get away from war or persecution — or spending days waiting at the U.S. border, praying they’ll be allowed to enter the country.

    Thanks for joining the hop today, and giving me a new charity to support!

    And by the way — your excerpt does not have to connect with your charity. Feel free to share some of your “nice little romances”!

  2. YIKES! In the richest country in the world, to have such a dismal maternal death rate is beyond reprehensible. But I’ll bet those insurance CEOs have wonderful maternal care for their family members. GRR! Great cause and good idea for any future shekels I might have to donate to a most worthy cause. Thanks for sharing.

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