Your Book On My Blog

In order to have your book featured on my reader’s blog, it has to be

  • open-door / steamy (rare exceptions)
  • HEA / HFN (no exceptions)
  • not erotica
  • and the MC should not be overly alphahole/mafia/bully

Extra points if it checks any of these marks:

  • contemporary or suspense romance
  • small-town
  • short reads

My readers mostly read MF, but I will feature an MM or FF book occasionally. Please make sure cover + blurb set the right expectations.

In order to sign-up, please click the button. You can always hit me up when you need a specific date.

Sign Up!

Please send all the files needed to with at least five days to spare.

  • [book title] by [your pen name]
  • tagline + blurb
  • keywords: sub-genre of romance (e.g. open-door, closed-door, small-town, contemporary, interracial), first in series, first-time author, bestselling author, free in KU, various retailers, tropes (e.g. marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers)
  • My readers would assume that a book is a full-length novel unless otherwise stated. So please tell me if it is a novella, short story, anthology…
  • buy link: books2read?
  • All the ways you’d like readers to reach out to you: website, email, social media, Amazon/Goodreads author page, newsletter sign-up link
  • graphics: your cover (ideally 400x600px), and optionally a banner or an author photo, and maybe a promo graphic for an Instagram story or post (1080x1920px, 1080x1080px)

You can pick from various options of how to present your book: Being interviewed by me, letting a character from your book ask readers to buy it, giving an excerpt, writing about something in the book, Five Things To Know About You / Your Book / [character’s name] / Your Book’s Location… I am very open to new ideas.

If you opt for the interview, please pick at least four of the questions below (more if you tend to answer very shortly). I would not mind you twisting my questions or coming up with new ones yourself. I’d tell you if you’d put something in my mouth I never, ever would ask.

  • Hey, [your first name]. Welcome to my blog! I am excited to learn more about that new book. Please, tell us about [book title].
  • Do you remember how you got the initial idea for the book? Would you share that moment with us?
  • Is there any special reason you decided to write this book?
  • Are you working on another book right now? Will it be in the same series?
  • Have you any releases set up for the near future?
  • As a romance writer, I suppose you read romance yourself. What genres do you love?
  • Do you read outside of romance, too?
  • You are a writer just starting out. Of all the things in your writing career–what has surprised you the most? What do you like best?
  • You already have published several books with some success. Does a book release get any less exciting?
  • You self-publish. Why did you decide to take that route?
  • What are your ambitions in writing?
  • This is your first book. What ambitions do you have for further writing.
  • This is your [x]th book. What do you do to not get bored writing?
  • How do you celebrate a new release?
  • Do you have any rituals to start writing a new book?
  • In case my readers haven’t heard of you yet: Can you give us some authors’ names who write similiar books?
  • Is there a book by somebody else you wished you had written yourself?