Welcome to Elken Grove, GA

Bivouacked With Clint is included in the Beyond Courage anthology – a collection of titillating military romances.

Bivouacked With Clint

Knocked Up by Her Mountain Man is included in the Love and Espresso anthology – a collection of charming contemporary romances.

Knocked Up by Her Mountain Man

Short reads with that tinge of the South, sweet tea and all. Small-town stories of complicated women and men who can handle them.

I love reading and writing sweet’n’steamy romance novellas with a heartwarming love story and just enough heat to get the sizzle going. Those give me a little breather from my life whenever I need one. I love to dabble in photography and to putter around in my backyard, forever trying to turn it into a blooming garden. My CCO helps me greatly by supervising everything I do and —for the most part—by not digging up my flowers. Currently, I am mad because some critter stole all my chilies this year.