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out Nov 1

Fake Fiance Santa book cover

Fake Fiancé Santa is a prequel to Ella Braeme’s new series, Elken Grove Mountain Men.

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Fake Fiancé Santa

Meghan has met more douchebags than the average woman.

That comes with the job as the only woman working at the local hardware store. Her mother pushing men at her to get grandchildren doesn’t help either. So she is only too happy when her best friend Justin proposes a fake engagement to ward off unwanted attention. Pretending to be engaged should be easy, or so they think, but they haven’t considered what their fib might do to promote the aspirations of Meghan’s mother. Soon, the entire town is planning a wedding. And Justin seems to encourage them. Now, why would he do that?

Fake Fiance Santa is part of the Season’s Sweethearts anthology.

out Dec 4

Butting Heads with Her Mountain Man

Could this grinch with his dark scowl be the light of my life?


I need to start afresh in my small hometown. While I am happy to be back in the mountains, the efforts of my hapless family to help me settle in lead to me running zig-zag to avoid further disasters. Being scrutinized by the townsfolk doesn’t help either. Still, I set to work to establish my own accounting business with all the determination that I can muster.

I count myself lucky when I get my first client—only to find out he is as grumpy as they get—and yet, I can’t deny the pull I feel towards him.


I hate Christmas. And it shows. So I need help keeping my Christmas tree farm afloat. The accountant turns out to be an opinionated lover of all things Holiday. Still, I can’t help but feel a spark of attraction for her. An attraction that I have no intention of owning up to.

This is a heartwarming, small-town romance novella with a heroine who’s determined to make her dreams come true, a grumpy mountain man who’s doing his best to keep her at arm’s length, and a nettlesome audience of townspeople buzzing with Christmas cheer, or in Lyle’s case: Christmas scowling. Light steam, HEA, no cheating, standalone.

Short reads with that tinge of the South, sweet tea and all. Small-town stories of complicated women and men who can handle them.

I love reading and writing sweet’n’steamy romance novellas with a heartwarming love story and just enough heat to get the sizzle going. Those give me a little breather from my life whenever I need one. I love to dabble in photography and to putter around in my backyard, forever trying to turn it into a blooming garden. My CCO helps me greatly by supervising everything I do and —for the most part—by not digging up my flowers. Currently, I am mad because some critter stole all my chilies this year.